The youngest and first streetball athlete to ever sign a endorsment contract with Nike. Known to be the worlds greatest basketball dribbler. A pioneer in freestyle trick basketball. Now let’s fast forward a dozen years Luis TRIKZ Da Silva Jr. has been on billboards, commercials, print ads, starred in platinum selling video games with MIDWAY games, television, Front cover of TIME magazine. Most recently featured in television and featured films. This young gifted athlete and actor has nothing less then a bright feature ahead of him.

Luis Da Silva jr., played character “Diego” in the world recognized  Fast and Furious 5 or better known as Fast 5. Luis Da Silva jr. had a impact in the franchise best Fast Five, with his performance playing a Brazilian race car champion. His performance was a unique role, in which Luis spoke portuguese and english in this feature. This franchise was Universal Pictures best opening weekend of all time. In addition, it was the best in box office for the month of April in all of  cinematography history.